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Website Management

What is website management? Website management is crucial to keeping 

In today’s business world, a website is one of your most important marketing assets, a platform you can use to promote your business and its offerings. This also applies to those with personal blogs as well. While you focus on your business, let ALAE Designs focus on making your sure your website, blog

But in order for that to happen, someone has to oversee the site. That person is your website manager.

Some of the things ALAE Designs Web Management can do for you!

  • Updates

    Your website runs like a car. It occasionally needs updates. Sites run many plugins which in turn get updated by the developer. Unfortunately they do not update your site directly. Not properly managing these can cause things to break within your site.

  • Content Change

    Whether your adding a page, or new items to a shop to sell. If your unfamiliar with doing this or just want to focus on the front end of your business. ALAE can add or change your content.

  • Site Security Monitoring

    Hackers and spammers love to flood to unprotected websites. They can eat up your traffic and can cause a nuisance.

  • Modernizing Design

    Was your website built years ago and showing its age? Does it work well on mobile devices? ALAE Designs can modernize your existing content and also make it mobile responsive.

  • Results

    By having us handle your social media accounts, you won't miss out on whats going on with your business on the most important social media platforms.

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