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Website Management

What is website management? Website management is crucial to keeping your website online, updated and secure. 

In today’s business world, a website is one of your most important marketing assets, a platform you can use to promote your business and its offerings. This also applies to those with personal blogs as well. While you focus on your business, let ALAE Designs focus on making your sure your website stays update to date and secure. 

ALAE Designs offers Care Plans. By investing in a care plan, you can ensure your site will run smoothly with no effort. 

ALAE Designs Website Care Plan

  • Updates

    All software is inherently vulnerable. Websites built on dynamic content management systems are no different. Updating the software that runs your website is extremely important for security reasons as well as to ensure the website keeps functioning the way it should.

  • Site Security Monitoring

    Hackers and spammers love to flood to unprotected websites. They can eat up your traffic and can cause a nuisance. Professional monitoring alerts stop problems before they start.

  • Daily Backups

    Sometimes the data behind a website can become corrupted, usually during updates. If that happens We will restore it to the last backup to solve the problem.

  • Uptime Monitoring

    If your website goes offline, we’ll be the first to know. We’ll get it back up in a flash

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