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Web Design

Websites a vital piece of your business.  If you are not putting effort into establishing yourself on the internet, you can bet your competitor is. If your business website is missing any of the below items, let ALAE Designs help you get back on track. 

  • Google

    Google is the leader in search engines. If your website doesn't pull in the search results, then you don't exist.

  • WordPress

    If you need more customization for your business, then your site should be on the WordPress platform. Don't let those drag-n-drop sites hold you back.

  • Updated

    Updating your website is like a tuneup for your car. You hate doing it but it needs to get done. I can help with those pesky updates that keep your site optimal.

  • Outdated

    If you have a website and its more then a few years old, then most likely its in need of a refresh. Top sites are constantly updated in order to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Mobile Ready

    More then 50% of websites are viewed on some sort of mobile device. If your site isn't optimized, you could be losing out on your audience.

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